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"Teah & Karen"
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About Karen's Cane Corsos
Early in 2010 I had the unfortunate decision to put down our German Shepherd of 11 years who had been suffering from a brain tumor. Divot, was the protector of my four daughter's and considered a family member.  This was such a devastating loss to us. A few months had passed and my friends Don and Sherry Houfek of Houfek's Cane Corsos asked if I was interested in one of their puppies. I wasn't sure if getting another dog so soon was the best thing to do especially being completely unaware of this rare and desired breed. I agreed to view the litter, the Dam and the Sire with my girls... and this is when we fell head over heels in love with the Cane Corso. I was more than apprehensive at first due to the intimidating look of the parents. However, Don took the time and educated me extensively on the breed. And well, we ended up with our female puppy that afternoon, "Kobella's Teah." And the rest is history... I will never own another breed of dog again...

Committed to upholding all breeding standards of the AKC and ICCF.